In order to regulate the behavior of the players of the game, the players show to promote good mental outlook, and create a healthy atmosphere of competition, to ensure the normal order of the game, NFL (China) for the 2014 NFL college flag football league players developed codes of conduct, this standard applies to Each permitted to participate in the 2014 NFL college flag football league players. '

University as a player NFL flag football league, and we expect you to act can show a good image of the league and your school. Please understand that the terms of the players Code of Conduct is our minimum requirements for league player behavior. As a player nfl womens jerseys in the league, you need to agree to and comply with the following guidelines.

• Whether in the field or court, I will respect the game the other players, coaches and supporters

• Whether in the field or court, I will respect the tournament officials and staff-related events

• I agree with the court referee is the only ultimate penalty

• I will I be responsible for the behavior during the entire tournament, and showed excellent sporting spirit:

- I will not use vulgar, abusive language and gestures to ridicule or staff members associated with the events insult

- I will not womens nfl jerseys cheap participate damage the image of the league or make a negative impact on the image of the league's behavior, including physical assault or abuse

- I will cherish race equipment and facilities

- I will obey the referee and requirements

- in training and during the game, I will not be smoking, drugs and drinking alcoholic beverages

• I have received university rules and regulations NFL flag football, and to obey these rules. If I do not understand a rule, I will ask the representative to explain the cheap nfl womens jerseys league

• I will ensure womens nfl jerseys that my teammates understand and comply with all rules and regulations of the players Code of Conduct

• I understand that any violation of the code of conduct of the players will be subject to appropriate penalties, as follows:

if damage occurs League image or a negative impact on the image of the league's behavior:

- The first occurred: the punishment will be immediately executed on the spot competitions (being fined or directly sent off), and there is likely to face additional suspension

- The second occurred: the game will be asked to hand over the cheap womens nfl jerseys equipment and will be suspended for the remainder of the season in

If fights or physical abuse:

- The first occurred: will be fined banned for three games

- The second occurred: the game will be asked to hand over the equipment and the lifetime ban

players for any violation of the Code of Conduct, NFL will reserve the right to make an appropriate penalty in accordance with their respective sole criterion. Players can appeal the penalty results. Please note that all the players in the form of e-mail complaints must be submitted within 48 hours to make a penalty @ Reconsideration appeal before the results came out, the implementation of the initial ruling.

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